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This guy is absolutely brilliant! I was a bit unsure as I had never used a dog trainer before, but one of my three dogs had developed a Behavioural problem, after another dog attacked  me whilst we were out on a walk a year ago, and she wasn’t getting any better, so I thought I’d give it a go. Within one session, he had managed to show me exactly what I needed to do to reverse this damage/problem. And also gave me lots of other advise that has been really useful for my puppy especially. I started right away, and within one day there was literally a 95% improvement. I couldn’t believe it. And she continues to get better every day. I am so overjoyed. I COULDN’T RECOMMEND THIS MAN HIGHLY ENOUGH! He’s a genius with dogs!

KL - Chippenham

Just had a really successful training session with Darren to help prevent my 15 month old Lab from pulling and darting off randomly to sniff things whilst on the lead. Darren had immediate control of my dog. His techniques worked brilliantly, and not one treat was consumed during the process. It was exactly what I was looking for from a training session as Darren demonstrated the techniques a number of times, which I need to help me remember, plus I’m a visual learner.

Will definitely use him again.

WS - Swindon

We asked Darren to come out as we had a new addition to our pack and my 10yo ESS was having none of it! Within minutes he had them eating out of his hand (not literally) but he is so knowledgeable and gave me loads of tips and instructions to carry out, my household has been completely different the last 20 hours, we still have a long way to go but we will get there.

I wasn't keen initially as I thought 'ah I know what I'm doing' but times change and so do dogs, give him a call, he's fab. Thank you Darren.

HC Melksham

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